Kay Boreland

Technical Director

K Boreland Profile Picture

Kay joined Integral Geotechnique in 1989. Starting out as a project geologist, she supervised a wide range of UK ground investigations into abandoned mines, unstable slopes, and major piling and ground improvement projects. Quickly demonstrating her competence, she progressed to managing geotechnical and contaminated land projects including the decommissioning of an oil terminal, redevelopment of coal processing works, landfill gas assessment and the close supervision of a major bored piling scheme in Birmingham’s city centre.

Equally capable as an external consultant, Kay has managed the geological assessment and design of large diameter bored piles in Kuala Lumpur, investigation specification and quality assessment in Hong Kong & China, and provided her input for a geotechnical audit into land reclamation by hydraulic filling in Taiwan.

By 2000 Kay had risen to become Intégrale’s Consultant and Technical Director. She introduced the groundwater and CLEA quantitative risk assessment systems to staff, which she continues to update and refine. She now oversees training and quality control of our technical output, manages Environmental Impact Assessments and has acted as an expert witness to legal teams, at both planning application and public inquiry level.