Gareth Thomas

Managing Director

G Thomas Profile Picture

Gareth Thomas founded Integral Geotechnique and Intégrale to create a premier geotechnical consultancy, bringing investigation contractors and multi-disciplinary design teams together to bridge the gap he had spotted. He has over 40 years of postgraduate experience in geotechnical and environmental investigation, analysis, design, construction and remediation.

Prior to setting up his own company, Gareth spent many years with Ove Arup & Partners, establishing a new geotechnics section for structural-civil design teams and external clients. While at Arup he carried out a range of UK and overseas projects, including the design and supervision of major piled foundations, geotechnical advice on large industrial projects, planning development in areas of abandoned mining, soil and rock slope stabilisation works and the investigation of foundation failures in a litigious environment.

Gareth’s academic and professional background are without question. He writes technical papers, lectures on a variety of subjects and delivers master class presentations. Guiding, motivating and coordinating an established team of geologists and engineers, he currently consults on the more geotechnically demanding projects within the practice. His particular interests are soil and rock slope stability, the geotechnics of desert and humid environments and the links between engineering geology and allied disciplines.