Monitoring and Sampling

As part of a wide range of investigations and assessments, Intégrale complete gas and groundwater monitoring and sampling. This can be through single visits, or as part of a more rigorous, ongoing monitoring strategy; for example, to prove the effectiveness of remedial works.

Using our state of the art GA500 Gas meter and Phocheck Tiger PID (photoionization detector), we monitor:

  • Methane (% by volume and Lower Explosive Limit, peak and steady)
  • Carbon Dioxide (%, peak and steady)
  • Oxygen (%, peak and steady)
  • Gas Flow (litres per hour)
  • Atmospheric pressure (mbar)
  • Standpipe pressure (mbar)
  • Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs, (ppm)

Our dip meter measures standing water levels in open standpipes or 19mm piezometers and we use an oil interface meter to determine the amount of hydrocarbon ‘free floating product’ on the water table.

With access to a range of other specialist equipment and a wealth of prior experience, we provide bespoke monitoring solutions on even the most complex ground conditions.