Since 1987 we have completed over 6000 geotechnical and contaminated land projects. With the wealth of technical information to be found in our archives and reports library, our data covers a wide range of topics and extends across the UK and overseas. Feel free to ask us to scan our data-retrieval system and we’ll supply pertinent and accurate site-specific information.

When it comes to quality assurance, we operate our own custom-built, in-house system. It is specifically designed for the complex and multi-stage tasks necessary to achieve the comprehensive data collection, interpretation and advice required for ground condition assessments.

Follow the links below to explore our capabilities in further depth.

Interpretative Ground Investigation

Contaminated Land Investigation

Coal Mining Risk Assessment

Geomorphological Mapping

Soil Slope Stability Analysis

Rock Face Assessment

Waste Classification

Soakaway tests and Infiltration

Desk Studies

Given our experience, we have built up a close network of other specialist consultants, working in tandem with them to obtain Flood Risk Assessment, Buried Utilities Clearance, Topographic Surveys, Unexploded Ordnance Threat Assessment and Archaeological Reports, as and when required.