Andy Harris


A Harris Profile Picture

Andy joined Intégrale in 2005 as a Senior Engineering Geologist, having gained early years’ experience in the Geotechnical Department at British Waterways, then at an independent Geotechnical Design Consultancy. After spending many years supervising and running ground investigations, his experience and skill base grew quickly and he became a key member of the team; ultimately being offered the opportunity of becoming a Company Director in 2007; a role he has held since.

Over his (almost) 20 year career, he has worked on hundreds (if not thousands!) of ground investigation and geo-consultancy projects across the UK (and occasionally abroad) and has significant experience of the wide range of ground conditions in the Southwest. Equally at home with geotechnical and contamination biased projects, he particularly enjoys the challenges of modelling the stability of landslipped slopes, considering the risks posed by legacy coal mining and mitigating contamination risks from brownfield sites.

In recognition of his experience and ability, Andy was elected as a Chartered Geologist in 2017.

As a senior member of the team, Andy blends technical responsibilities with tendering & winning new projects, mentoring junior staff and managing our Bishop Sutton office. He is the main point of contact for most of our existing clients and is always available to assist with any new enquiries.