LIDAR – The Future!

LIDAR (Light Detection & Ranging) enables a new perspective in assessing ground surface topography.  Integrale have become involved in a number of projects recently where the skill of interpreting both vertical and oblique LIDAR imagery, with illumination from different directions is proving to be extremely useful.  We brought in a remote sensing expert to advise on the appropriate techniques.

LIDAR Fault troughMany of our geotechnical projects are based on unstable hillslopes and LIDAR is able to detect small changes which reflect ongoing ground movement.  Other techniques such as INFRARED are able to highlight particularly wet marshy areas that require drainage as part of the slope remediation works.  For further information please contact Gareth Thomas on 07860 628022.

The photo shows a topographic trough, developed over a major fault line;  the trough became a major routeway over many centuries.